-mari kanzaki-workshop in Shizuoka-

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About the workshop in Shizuoka

I took part in a workshop in Sasama-cho (Shimada-shi), Fujieda-shi,
which is a famous source of green tea with a water color artist, Irene Sanderson.
Beautiful nature is there, such as deep forest and pure rivers.

At first, we began to sketch the landscape.
There are surprising discoveries in the landscape that we'd considered as ordinary object.
This is a project planned to tell goodness of the town for children
who are living there to against with the aging-society.
Everyone told me -a visitor from Tokyo- the goodness of the town.

Based on the sketches, we made pottery in a classroom of a closed school.
We are planning to make an art centre for international artists,
using the closed building of Sasama Junior High school.

'Dishes of a family of flying squirrels'
(more info: Minshuku Fukui, 0547-54-0013)

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