-mari kanzaki-concept-

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Forms are imbued with life

Forms made by humanity are not created by humanity.
Shapes from life are impressed into the recesses of the mind,
resting there before re-emerging as living forms.
When one sees a stone,it may appear to be a human face;
gazing up at the sky, a floating cloud may appear to be a fish;
the ridge line of a mountain may look like a reclining figure.
Shapes reflected in the human mind are universal.
And in our vision, there are many oceans, mountains, animals and plants.

When a form is perceived, its being is enhanced and given further meaning so that it exists in eternity.
Through existing, it develops and reproduces, in a cycle of renewal.

To perceive from the essence of oneself,
one must confront the form without self, empty of all fixed concepts.

Many people share a single external phenomenon and, through this,
small imaginings produce, almost unnoticed, many different realities.

Since the earliest days, human beings have had a sensibility that directly reacts to forms.
When they communicate, people trace out forms and pass them on, from one person, and from one age, to the next.
Communication between people is forms rendered as language.

As forms enter through the eye, they are engraved on the heart,
becoming one with the essential core of the person.
There are no limits to the forms that may be created from this process.

Forms are developed and amplified, or fade away, within individual hearts.
Forms change in the heart, engraving themselves upon us.